Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Celiac Disease - Genius Hour

I decided to do my genius hour on Celiac Disease because I have it and I wanted to know more about it. Celiac Disease is a autoimmune disorder. I found all of my information online.

Did you know that some people with Celiac Disease don't have any symptoms. 

I found a cool music clip about food products with gluten in them.


Rabbits - Genius Hour

For our Genius Hour, Karmen and I decided to learn about rabbits. We wanted to learn about rabbits because I have lots at home.

We found our information using books from the town library and our parents also knew a little bit. We brought the rabbits in and the class was able to hold them and pat them. 

Here are all of our facts

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Sherman's Struggle

After watching the 'Wing it' video clip from the Literacy Shed, we had to write a newspaper article reporting on the new intention that Sherman had created. Here is Kade's story.

After years of being told he couldn't do it and the death of his father, Sherman has come up with an idea that works just like his father once did."I call it the seaplane" Sherman said. This could be an invention that completes the way of travel for the world."I did this to carry on my fathers work and make him proud and not disappoint him". Who knew that someone from Taupo could build a thing like this. Sherman has said that the night before he came up with the idea he had a dream of some aliens coming and giving him ideas with a device. When we asked him what other inventors should do his reply was "never give up". This may be the biggest invention for 1979.

The Cheetah

Dylan has been working really hard on his writing in class and he wanted to share this piece that he did. All of the ideas in Dylan's writing came from looking at a picture of a cheetah.

In the hot sun in Africa a hungry cheetah was stalking his prey for food. He could see,hear and smell the dear.The cheetah has bright poka dots and they are black.This cheetah is as fast as lightning.The cheetah has a tiny stumpy tail. It's pearl white. He looks angry because the deer ran away and now the cheetah is sad.

Deadly Potion

Ray has been working hard to make his writing interesting. He was given a story starter and he had to come up with the rest of the story.

One day I went to buy a parrot the parrot said"drink the potion our you will get bad luck"but I said NO! So I smashed it on the ground.I went home and the power turned off.When I went to get food I came back and I had been robbed.What else could happen to me? The parrot was right I should of drank the potion.I'm going to ask the parrot if I can get another one.When I got the potion I waited a little while because I wasn't sure what it might do. When I drank the posion everything was over!


Today is National Scout Scarf day. Scouts is where you do lots of different outdoor activities like camping, white water rafting, outdoor cooking and more. When you join, you get a pack with a bookmark, scarf and woggle, purple t-shirt, shirt, and badges. When we go on a camp we sometimes go caving, we cook our own food, archery, go hiking and sleep in tents. When we go white water rafting, we build our own rafts but sometimes it falls apart. For cooking we make hobo stoves with cans, cardboard and candle wax.

Scouts is a good opportunity for people from 5 to an adult. For more information go to

Before Sunrise

In class we watched a video clip on a web site that has cool writing ideas. This one was an interesting one about a candle getting blown out. It was fun to write because we had to put ourselves into the story and pretend we were the main character.