Wednesday, 1 July 2015

In the Darkness

In the darkest part of town my brothers were throwing rocks a peoples windows. I covered my ears because the screams were very loud.

I walked away with loneliness in my heart. I climbed up a pipe that led me to the top of the building. The moon light shone on my body when I stood on the edge of the building.

Then I saw a flickering light in the cottage below. I stated to tippy toe towards the cottage, the sign screeched in the swirling whirling wind. I jumped the steps, and walked inside. I heard a snoring sound, I looked around and saw a man sitting on his chair so I climbed onto his chest, he started to sneeze so I blocked his nose.

I saw a beautiful candle, tall and fair, she looked at me and I smiled. I walked up to her and touched her face, I frowned she burnt me. 

Suddenly I back away with fear, it all came back to me, the man, the blow out. She turned her head then she turned to see...I was gone.

I walked back to the building top, my brothers still playing, the burn still stinging. Peering through a crack I saw that she had been blown out, I gasped. In a flash, I ran back to her, I hugged her tightly. Then I heard a THUMP! I turned around and saw a body lying there. It looked just like mine.

It was her, I picked her up and hugged her tight.

Monday, 27 April 2015

Oscar's Battle Field

It was a boiling day but I could hear airplane engines roaring in the sky and airplanes shooting   at each other. Tanks rumbling across the battle field firing their cannons at each other and you could even feel the vibrations.

    During the night sir screamed at us saying we need back up now so the men ran outside with their guns and took cover and started shooting.

In the middle of the battle field their are landmines some people got hurt. Everyday people tried to cross over the landmine field, unsuccessfully.

The war is over, its time to leave.

My War Journal

My War Journal

My War Jounral

My War Journal

The Battle Field

10th July 1915, I have been here for what seems like years but it has only been two months.
My body tingles with fear. I can hear aeroplanes buzzing up above. BANG! BANG! The airplanes drivers job is to drop bombs all over the place. Right now an aeroplane just dropped down because of all the weight onboard.

I'm firing my gun and thinking the same thing over and over again, will I die? I do not want to die.
I miss my family. Are they ok? I never thought I'd say this but I am really excited to fight in the war now. I don't know why but I just am. BOOMM! SCREAMM! My mate is crying because his brother just got shot by a German in the stomach. I hope that doesn't happen to me. I can taste smoke from all of the fires. There is fire bursting everywhere! I can see airlifts, lots of people dying and sadly animals dying too.

I feel upset, proud and scared all at the same time. Also I feel stressed and worried. One reason is because if we don't win the war our country would be destroyed. Everyone is screaming including me. I am yelling for bombs to drop and for people to fire their guns. I feel around me, muddy but rock hard ground rubs against my fingers. Someone fired their gun and only just misses me. It makes dust go everywhere. I am busy telling an aeroplane to drop that I do not notice a bullet heading my way. I get shot in the arm and I'm rushed into an ambulance and driven away.