Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Doc Martens

For my last Genius Hour I decided to do it on Doc Marten boots. Here are some of the facts I found:

Klaus Martens was a doctor in the German Army in World War 2. On leave in 1942 he badly injured his ankle skiing and his army boots were too uncomfortable to wear so he decided to make Doc Martens.

Because of his ankle problems he came up with bouncing soles so that he could work in the army but not feel pain.

Now days instead of Doc Martens you can get Nike Air - but I like doc martens better.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Pigeon impossible By Shona

This is my argument on pigeon impossible. Here are my reasons on why it's not the pigeons fault.

The brief case was really high tech, so why was it in town? Secret Agent Walter Beckett threw the donut away for the pigeon but since he threw the donut in the direction of the brief case the pigeon accidentally tumbled into the case and got enclosed. Why did Walter have the case open? Someone busy on the phone could've sat on the brief case and broken it. Walter should be more responsible, and keep things a secret (it's in the name).

The pigeon was curious. Walter can't blame him because pigeons don't go to school. The buttons were flashing and making sounds so the pigeon was stimulated. All pigeons do all day is scavenge and eat crumbs off the street, so flashing buttons to him is the best thing since cake! He was having fun you can't blame him for having fun. The pigeon probably wanted to find out what the buttons did, because there were millions of them, he might of thought one of them made super duper lickity cake. Or maybe he wanted a breathtaking story to tell his brothers when he gets home to the nest.

In this argument I was writing from the pigeons point of view. I hope you see where I'm coming from and agree with me.

Pigeon Impossible By Karmen

In this argument I am going to be stating why I think it is Secret Agent Walter Becketts fault for the destruction caused that day. I think that Secret Agent Walter Beckett should acknowledge that it was his fault!

Secret Agent Walter Beckett was teasing the pigeon with his donut. However the bird was being slightly greedy, but I would not blame the pigeon because it only gets little crumbs each day. Pigeons are well known to be scavengers! The thing that really shocked me was that it would have been over and done with if he just gave it all to the pigeon.

When the pigeon fell in the case he didn't know what he was doing! Now the pigeon probably loved pushing buttons because I know I do! Also pushing buttons can be very entertaining! The lights were flashing at him like lightning! Pigeons are mischievous. Plus it was not his fault the look on his face showed me he was stimulated by the lights and sounds. 

This argument has unfortunaly come to a end. To help you understand this situation better go to the literacy shed to watch the movie. I hope you agree with my argument.

Pigeon: Impossible

Room 14 watched a movie called Pigeon Impossible. We had to choose who's side we were on.
The sides that we could choose from were Secret Agent Walter Beckett or the pigeon.
From there we had to write an argument about it.

Friday, 13 June 2014

Doctor Who

We did our Genius Hour on Doctor Who because it inspired us.

  • The doctor has been played by 12 different actors. 
  • Did you know that New Zealand was the first country outside the UK to screen Doctor Who? 
  • Doctor Who fans are called Whovians. 
  • Enemies are one of the Doctors greatest foes. 
  • Each doctor has a companion that travels with them when they go on trips.
To find out more about Doctor Who, come to Room 14 and read our police box.


We did our Genius Hour on fireworks because we wanted to learn more about them. 

  • We learnt that over 50,000 fires are caused by fireworks each year. 
  • We also have to think about our pets because they have sensitive ears and could run away. 
  • When lighting a firework, it is important that you only light one at a time and never relight a dud.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Big Bubbles

Brooke helped the class become geniuses about 'Big Bubbles'. She took the class through a step by step procedure on how to create the liquid that makes the big bubbles. She then explained important facts around why the bubbles eventually pop.

  • A square bubble takes up more space than a circle bubble
  • Right before the bubble pops the liquid shall is only 1 million of an inch thick
  • Bubbles float in the air due to the weather temperature  

Brooke finished off her Genius Hour by demonstrating how to create a big bubble.